Pleasure boat with a bar Forelle

Capacity: Up to 80 passengers
  • roofed deck
  • Cosy room
  • WC
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Bar
  • Spacious deck

The Forelle is a recreational boat that makes an excellent venue for your festive occasions and events. The boat has two cosy covered decks which can comfortably accommodate all your guests. It also offers two saloons equipped with upholstered seating and a built-in bar in the lower deck.   
You can reserve charter trips for your parties, festive occasions, conferences, corporate events, birthday celebrations or wedding receptions. This recreational boat is equipped with an audio system designed for recreational tours. The vessel offers generous space to set up a snack buffet or to organize a hosted celebration with musicians.

For those interested in longer trips, we can arrange rest time en-route so that you can pamper yourself in a countryside sauna or enjoy a relaxing evening in a guest house.


Additional info
2 hour
450 €

Aquatorium of Klaipeda Port 

6 hour
700 €

Klaipeda - Juokdrante - Klaipeda (4 hours of cruising and a 2 hour stop in Juodkrante)

8 hour
900 €

Klaipeda – Juodkrante - Dead Dunes - Klaipeda (includes a 1,5-2,5 hour stop)

10 hour
1000 €

Klaipeda - Minge or Klaipeda - Nida (one-way tour)

12 hour
1200 €

Klaipeda – Juodkrante - Nida - Klaipeda (8 hours of cruising, 4 hour stop)

Klaipeda - Juodkrante - Uostadvaris - Minge - Klaipeda (10 hours of cruising, 2 hour stop)

no VAT.

Galimi maršrutai

Poilsis Mingėje
12-24 val. Day and night at the sea shore
Minge Nida Uostadvaris Minge
4-6 val. Discover Juodkrante
Klaipeda Juodkrante Klaipeda
plaukimas is klaipedos
1-2 val. Between the sea and the lagoon
Klaipeda Gateway of the Baltic Sea Island of Kiaules Nugara (Back of a Pig) Klaipeda
8-12 val. To Nida visiting fishermen settlements
Klaipeda Juodkrante Nida Klaipeda
žirgų švyturys
8-24 val. Towards Minge via the Horse Horn
Klaipeda Juodkrante Pervalka Uostadvaris Minge Klaipeda
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