Capacity: Up to 50 passengers
  • roofed deck
  • Cosy room
  • WC
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Spacious deck

The new, spacious, modern Gresa pleasure craft is a great choice for your family or business celebrations on board. It is also a great solution for large group excursions by boat.

The ship stands in the port of Nida, from which you will be transported to the ports of Mingė, Juodkrantė, Dreverna and Klaipėda.
Length of the vessel 17.3 m; width 5.40 m, construction year 2018.

Gresa has 2 decks, 2 toilets on the deck, 22-24 seats inside, including a second open deck of about 30 seats. The total number of people is 50-60 people.

New leather benches on board for comfortable seating and comfort.

On board, Gresa is a great place to celebrate corporate holidays, birthdays, christenings, and guided tours.

We will present a snack buffet on board. When you stop in Juodkrantė, on the shore - a fish meal, a fish tasting or a festive dinner. We take care of professional guide services, photographer and photo-drone services, offer active team entertainment on the shore:

  • hiking or biking in nature
  • ndicative search for treasure in the Hill of Witches in Juodkrante
  • sailing onshore race in Nida
  • oriental team adventure rally with interactive tasks (wind kites, e-skateboards, canoes, windbreakers, etc.) in Nida
  • an interactive team game with GPS receivers in Nida or Juodkrante
  • a fun and creative team game "Photo Hunt" in Nida or Juodkrantė
  • competing for drones in Nida or Juodkrante and other entertainment


Additional info
1 hour
250 €

Along the Dunes of Nida

2 hour
450 €

Along the Dunes of Nida

5 hour
1000 €

Nida – Minge – Uostadvaris - Nida (1,5 hour stop)

6 hour
1200 €

Nida – Dead Dunes – Juodkrante - Nida (2 hour stop in Juodkrante)

no VAT.

Galimi maršrutai

Poilsis Mingėje
12-24 val. Day and night at the sea shore
Minge Nida Uostadvaris Minge
Žirgų ragas
6-8 val. Towards the Dead Dunes and Horse Horn
Klaipeda Juodkrante Dead Dunes Klaipeda
2-4 val. In the waters of the Nemunas delta
Minge Kniaupas bay Uostadvaris Minge
Parnidžio kopos
4-6 val. Dune after dune
Nida Dead Dunes Juodkrante Nida
3-6 val. Visiting the boatmen of the Nemunas delta
Nida Minge Uostadvaris Nida
5-6 val. Via Minge towards the Vente Cape following the birds
Nida Minge Vente Cape Nida
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* price from without VAT