Capacity: Up to 8 passengers
  • roofed deck
  • Sleeping places
  • Cosy room
  • WC
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Kitchen

Boat Maxum is a luxurious, cosy high-speed boat, by which you can go on trips to the waters and fish for pleasure in the Curonian Lagoon and Nemunas delta.

Capacity of the boat is 8 persons. Different routes are available from Dreverna.

Several catering options are available.

Additionally, we offer:
•    snacks on the boat
•    excursion with a tour guide in the fairy-tale Hill of Witches, in Juodkrante
•    excursion with a tour guide in the old town of Nida, and to Parnidis dune
•    bicycle ride in the woods of the Curonian Spit, towards the dunes, up to the sea
•    canoeing along the shore of the Curonian Lagoon and the dunes of Nida
•    organised group entertainment:
o    treasure hunt in the Hill of Witches, in Juodkrante
o    land sailing competition with blokarts in Nida
o    orienteering team adventure rally with interactive tasks (kites, e-skateboards, canoes, blokarts, etc.) in Nida
o    interactive team game with GPS receivers in Nida or Juodkrante
o    amusing and creative team game Photo hunt in Nida or Juodkrante
o    for technology lovers – drone control competition in Nida or Juodkrante
o    entertainment event on board with a DJ and event host (on the large boats)
o    night stay with sauna in Minge countryside house (dinner and breakfast included)
o    team outdoor games in the countryside house – relay races with the host and special attributes
o    amusing evening in the countryside house with a DJ and event host
o    entertainment event on board with a DJ and event host (on the large boats)
o    extreme water-skiing and wakeboarding in Minge
o    trip by stand up paddle boards, kitesurfing lessons in Minge
o    educational programme in Minge: ancient games and customs with an ethnographer, tasting of local culinary heritage


Additional info
2 hour
220 €

Dreverna - Dead Dunes - Pervalka - Juodkrante - Dreverna

Dreverna - Juodkrante - Dreverna

4 hour
390 €

Dreverna - Nida - Dreverna

6 hour
600 €

Dreverna - Sturmai - Vente - Uostadvaris – Minge - Dreverna

8 hour
600 €

Dreverna - Juodkrante - Nida Uostadvaris – Minge - Dreverna 

Dreverna - Sturmai - Vente - Uostadvaris – Minge - Dreverna 

Canal Guillaume - Minge - Uostadvaris - Vente - Dreverna

no VAT.

Galimi maršrutai

2-4 val. Iš Drevernos uostelio link Mirusių kopų
Dreverna Juodkrante Dead Dunes Dreverna
8-10 val. From Dreverna port towards the Dead Dunes
Dreverna Nida Pervalka Dead Dunes Juodkrante Dreverna
Svencele, Dreverna
8-10 val. Rytiniu pamariu
Dreverna Uostadvaris Minge Dreverna
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* price from without VAT