Sailing yacht Notanga

Capacity: Up to 6 passengers
  • roofed deck
  • Cosy room
  • WC
  • Spacious deck

The Notanga is a yacht suited for private trips across the Curonian Lagoon or boat tours in the most picturesque locations of the Curonian Spit. This yacht is ideal for those who want to see all of the most scenic views up-close. The Notanga is designed so that it can sail in shallow waters near Šturmai, Ventė, Dreverna or along the Dead Dunes, which cannot be reached with other boats.

The yacht crew will provide you with an unforgettable experience for your celebration. Besides enjoying the exciting trip, you will have a chance to take part in leisure activities on the coast where the Notanga crew will teach you to sail!


Additional info
1 hour
75 €

Along the dunes of Nida

2 hour
100 €

Nida - Parnidis and the Great dunes - Nida 

6 hour
180 €

Nida - Preila - Pervalka - Dead Dunes - Nida (1-2 hours ashore)

Nida - Lighthouse of Sturmai - Nida (1-2 hours ashore)

Nida - Uostadvaris - Minge - Nida  (1-2 hours ashore)

8 hour
200 €

Nida - Pervalka - Dead Dunes - Juodkrante - Nida (2 hours ashore)

Nida - Uostadvaris - Minge - Rusne - Nida (2 hours ashore)

no VAT.

Galimi maršrutai

Parnidžio kopos
4-6 val. Dune after dune
Nida Dead Dunes Juodkrante Nida
3-6 val. Visiting the boatmen of the Nemunas delta
Nida Minge Uostadvaris Nida
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