Passenger boat Perloja

Capacity: Up to 45 passengers
  • roofed deck
  • WC
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Spacious deck

The Perloja is a vintage fishing boat refurbished as a passenger boat and perfectly suited for amusing water trips with a large company of friends. It has a comfortable deck to admire the scenic views unfolding before you. The boat has a transparent roofed deck house which will protect you against unexpected rain or harsh wind. It is also fitted with a table for your festive snacks and a sufficient number of seats to ensure comfort for your guests if you decide to take a longer trip.

The boat offers generous space and has two decks which give you the opportunity to observe different scenic views. The Perloja is an excellent choice for those who enjoy travelling with large groups and are seeking a venue to celebrate with a large company of friends.


Additional info
2 hour
210 €

Kintai - Minge - Uostadvaris - Kintai 

4 hour
350 €

Kintai - Minge - Kniaupas bay - Curonian lagoon - Uostadvaris - Krokai meadows - Kintai (1 hour stop ashore)

5 hour
450 €

Kintai - Minge - Kniaupas bay - Curonian Lagoon - Uostadvaris - Krokai meadows lake - Kintai (1 hour stop ashore)

8 hour
580 €

Kintai - Minge - Kniaupas bay - Curonian lagoon - Uostadvaris - Rusne - Krokai meadows - Kintai (3 hours ashore)

Kintai - Minge - Kniaupas bay - Nida - Uostadvaris - Kintai (3,5 hours ashore)

no VAT.


Fish Picnic

Fish soup, smoked fish
(minimum quantity – 10 persons).

7 €

Small sandwiches and appetizers.
(minimum quantity – 10 persons).


8 €
Barbecue and fish picknick

Barbecue, fish soup, smoked fish.
(minimum quantity – 10 persons).

14 €
VIP feast on board

We will prepare abundant and delicious feast with snacks and hot dishes. (minimum quantity – 10 persons).

20 €

Galimi maršrutai

2-4 val. In the waters of the Nemunas delta
Minge Kniaupas bay Uostadvaris Minge
Mingės kaimas
5-6 val. Aplink Rusnės salą
Minge Uostadvaris Rusne Minge
9-11 val. To Nida along the Minija River
Minge Juodkrante Dead Dunes Pervalka Nida Minge
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