Charm of the Dunes of Nida


Going on a boat trip while staying in Nida is a must – it gives you an opportunity to admire the dunes of Nida not only from land but also from the lagoon! You will sail near the Parnidis and Great dunes, reach the water border with Kaliningrad region of Russia. After making a turn, we will travel along the shores of Nida and Nerija towards Preila. We will make a turn and return to Nida. Sun setting into the dune is a breath-taking view.

Duration – from 1 hour.

Boat rent is from EUR 70, depending on the number of passengers and the boat.
* Prices exclude VAT.

Additionally, we offer:

  • snacks on the boat
  • excursion with a tour guide in the old town of Nida, and to Parnidis dune
  • bicycle ride in the woods of the Curonian Spit, towards the dunes, up to the sea
  • canoeing along the shore of the Curonian Lagoon and the dunes of Nida
  • organised group entertainment:
    • land sailing competition with blokarts in Nida
    • orienteering team adventure rally with interactive tasks (kites, e-skateboards, canoes, blokarts, etc.) in Nida
    • interactive team game with GPS receivers in Nida or Juodkrante
    • amusing and creative team game Photo hunt in Nida or Juodkrante
    • for technology lovers – drone control competition in Nida or Juodkrante
    • entertainment event on board with a DJ and event host (on the large boats)

Boats available

Super jachta Leopard Forum - nuoma Klaipėdoje Nidoje
Super yacht Leopard FORUM 25m
Up to 50 Passengers
Price from: 299 €
Up to 6 Passengers
Price from: 70 €
Laivas Nidas laivo nuoma
Up to 50 Passengers
Price from: 250 €
laivas Aistis is Nidos
Up to 20 Passengers
Price from: 140 €
Jachta Monte
Up to 12 Passengers
Price from: 80 €
Up to 70 Passengers
Price from: 230 €
Up to 8 Passengers
Price from: 70 €
Prabangus kateris SILVESTRON
Up to 14 Passengers
Price from: 550 €
Pramoginio laivo nuoma iš Šilutės
Kursiu deltos ekspresas
Up to 90 Passengers
Price from: 280 €
Up to 6 Passengers
Price from: 90 €
Senovinis laivas KURĖNAS
Up to 12 Passengers
Price from: 80 €
Price from
* price from without VAT