It is a popular half-day boat trip, during which when leaving Klaipeda, the boat travels around the seaport area, while passengers can admire the unique landscape of the Curonian Spit, wind-built dunes. The boat stops for a few hours in Juodkrante, where fish dishes are offered for lunch: eel chowder, fried and smoked fish caught by local fishermen. You will have time to look around the settlement, have a walk along the beautiful shore with the sculpture park, climb to the Hill of Witches and have a refreshing swim in the sea.

Additionally, we offer:

  • snacks on the boat
  • excursion with a tour guide in the fairy-tale Hill of Witches, in Juodkrante
  • bicycle ride in the woods of the Curonian Spit, towards the dunes, up to the sea
  • organised group entertainment:
    • treasure hunt in the Hill of Witches, in Juodkrante
    • interactive team game with GPS receivers
    • amusing and creative team game Photo hunt
    • for technology lovers – drone control competition
    • entertainment event on board with a DJ and event host (on the large boats)

Duration – 6 hours (4 hours on-board, 2 hours off-board)
with high-speed boat – 4 hours (2 hours on-board, 2 hours off-board)

Boat rent is from EUR 220 to 2200, depending on the number of passengers and the boat.
* Prices exclude VAT.