Discover the beauty of the waters and shores of the regional park of the Nemunas delta, rich in littoral flora and birds. Several routes are offered:

The most picturesque trip lasting four hours: From Minge village along the Upaite River to Kniaupas bay – entering the Curonian Lagoon – passing by the Vente Cape – making a turn and coming back to Atmatas – one-hour stop in Uostadvaris (we offer climbing up the lighthouse, visiting the water-lifting station museum) – entering the Krokų Lankos late – returning back to Minge by the Minija River. Trip can continue up the Minija River to Kintai ponds.

About 3 hours boat trip from Minge via Kniaupas bay to the lagoon towards the Vente Cape and after making a turn, coming back along the Atmata River to Uostadvaris, where we make a half an hour stop and go back to the village along the Minija River.

We are offering also two hours boat trip. Leaving Minge, sailing along the Upaite River to Kniaupas bay and along the Atmata River straight to the Krokų Lankos Lake, and returning back to Minge along the Minija River. The trip can be shortened by not visiting the Krokų Lankos lake, making a half an hour stop in Uostadvaris.

We will offer chowder and local smoked fish on board. We can offer a tour guide’s services, who will show the places of interest. If we make a longer stop, we can grill meat on board.

Duration – 2-4 hours (1,5-3 hours on-board, 0,5-1 hours off-board)
with high-speed boat – 2 hours (1 hours on-board, 1 hours off-board)

Boat rent is from EUR 90 to 600, depending on the number of passengers and the boat.
* Prices exclude VAT.

Additionally, we offer:

  • snacks on the boat
  • night stay with sauna in Minge countryside house (dinner and breakfast included)
  • team outdoor games in the countryside house – relay races with the host and special attributes
  • amusing evening in the countryside house with a DJ and event host
  • entertainment event on board with a DJ and event host (on the large boats)
  • extreme water-skiing and wakeboarding in Minge
  • trip by stand up paddle boards, kitesurfing lessons in Minge
  • educational programme in Minge: ancient games and customs with an ethnographer, tasting of local culinary heritage