Leaving Klaipeda in the morning, the unforgettable views of the Curonian Spit will open in front of your eyes for the whole day. You will pass 4 fishermen settlements – Juodkrante, Pervalka, Preila, and Nida. You will admire the famous Dead Dunes and white sand dune.

Once arriving to Nida, you will have 2–3 hours for rest and sightseeing, where you can climb the great dunes of Nida, have a walk in the unique Curonian town or visit the most famous places of interest with a tour guide, you could even cycle to the sea. On the way back, smaller boats can stop at the tranquil berth of Pervalka.

Additionally, we offer:

  • snacks on the boat
  • excursion with a tour guide in the fairy-tale Hill of Witches, in Juodkrante
  • excursion with a tour guide in the old town of Nida, and to Parnidis dune
  • bicycle ride in the woods of the Curonian Spit, towards the dunes, up to the sea
  • canoeing along the shore of the Curonian Lagoon and the dunes of Nida
  • organised group entertainment:
    • treasure hunt in the Hill of Witches, in Juodkrante
    • land sailing competition with blokarts in Nida
    • orienteering team adventure rally with interactive tasks (kites, e-skateboards, canoes, blokarts, etc.) in Nida
    • interactive team game with GPS receivers in Nida or Juodkrante
    • amusing and creative team game Photo hunt in Nida or Juodkrante
    • for technology lovers – drone control competition in Nida or Juodkrante
    • entertainment event on board with a DJ and event host (on the large boats)

Duration – 10-12 hours (8 hours on-board, 2-4 hours off-board)
with high-speed boat – 6-8 hours (4 hours on-board, 2-4 hours off-board)

Boat rent is from EUR 320 to 3600, depending on the number of passengers and the boat.
* Prices exclude VAT.