It is the most picturesque half-day trip from Klaipeda. After travelling around the seaport area, you will admire the exclusive landscape of the Curonian Spit with the wind-built dunes.

The trip will continue up to the Dead Dunes next to Pervalka. Aren’t you curious to find out why they are called Dead? Though, it is strictly prohibited to climb the dunes, but it is a really exception experience to float next to it and admire the play of the flock of seagulls at the slope of the dunes.

The grey dunes end with the Horse Horn with Pervalka Lighthouse built on an artificial island.

Additionally, we offer:

  • snacks on the boat
  • excursion with a tour guide in the fairy-tale Hill of Witches, in Juodkrante
  • bicycle ride in the woods of the Curonian Spit, towards the dunes, up to the sea
  • organised group entertainment:
    • treasure hunt in the Hill of Witches, in Juodkrante
    • interactive team game with GPS receivers
    • amusing and creative team game Photo hunt
    • for technology lovers – drone control competition
    • entertainment event on board with a DJ and event host (on the large boats)

Duration – 7-8 hours (5-6 hours on-board, 2 hours off-board)
with high-speed boat – 5 hours (3 hours on-board, 2 hours off-board)

Boat rent is from EUR 230 to 2200, depending on the number of passengers and the boat.
* Prices exclude VAT.