Leisure fishing

Boat fishing has been the practiced activity and the source of incomes in this sea-shore land since time immemorial, today fishing in sea and lagoon is a modern entertainment, which can offer a splendid opportunity for communication, testing of skills, cognition of the area surrounding the Curonian Lagoon, or simply rest from the routine. Fishing in the lagoon or the sea, lasting 8 or more hours, always guarantees interesting time and many excellent experiences.

Water tourism agency Jovila offers leisure fishing activities, such as: fishing in the Baltic Sea, fishing in the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, fishing in the Curonian Lagoon, or fishing in the Nemunas delta. Depending on the chosen fishing location, departure ports, catch, provided equipment and start and duration of leisure fishing differ. If fishing in the sea, the departure port is Klaipeda, while for fishing in the lagoon, boats can depart from the following little ports: Klaipeda, Minge, Dreverna, Uostadvaris, Nida, etc.

Snacks, chowder and hot dishes can be served on board. After leisure fishing, we offer entertainment in the complex of saunas with a swimming pool and dinner with accommodation in the guesthouse in the old town of Klaipeda or in the countryside house in the Nemunas delta.

Routes available


Salmon hauling in a Baltic sea


Fishing in the lagoon near the island of Kiaules Nugara (Back of a Pig)


Fishing in the Nemunas delta and the Curonian Lagoon