Boat trips for groups

One can discover the unique land of the Curonian Spit rich with water bodies, woods and dunes by travelling on foot, by bicycle, car or boats. There is not many places in Lithuania that can offer sightseeing from the deck, while shipping in the Curonian Spit is the old activity inseparable from the local culture. Water tourism agency Jovila operating in Neringa for over a decade by now offers the most valuable offers tested by time and numerous customers for your sightseeing, entertainment and rest. We can offer over 60 boats for your trip, which vary by size, speed, appearance, shipping routes, luxury level and other properties. We will definitely find the most suitable option for you depending on the planned number of passengers and departure port. Boat trips are organised for groups from 2 to 200 people. Boats are anchored in Klaipeda, Nida, Minge, Rusne, and smaller settlements.

Routes available

plaukimas is klaipedos
1-2 val. Between the sea and the lagoon
Klaipeda Gateway of the Baltic Sea Island of Kiaules Nugara (Back of a Pig) Klaipeda
4-6 val. Discover Juodkrante
Klaipeda Juodkrante Klaipeda
Mirusios kopos
5-8 val. Towards the Dead Dunes and Horse Horn
Klaipeda Juodkrante Dead Dunes Klaipeda
drevernos bokštas
6-10 val. Connecting shores of Juodkrante and Dreverna
Klaipeda Juodkrante Dead Dunes Dreverna Klaipeda
2-4 val. In the waters of the Nemunas delta
Minge Kniaupas bay Uostadvaris Minge
12-24 val. Day and night at the sea shore
Minge Nida Uostadvaris Minge
8-12 val. To Nida visiting fishermen settlements
Klaipeda Juodkrante Nida Klaipeda
plaukimas is klaipedos
10-24 val. Lagoon 360⁰
Klaipeda Juodkrante Nida Uostadvaris Minge Klaipeda
Parnidžio kopos
4-6 val. Dune after dune
Nida Dead Dunes Juodkrante Nida
Mingės kaimas
5-6 val. Aplink Rusnės salą
Minge Uostadvaris Rusne Minge
Svencele, Dreverna
8-10 val. Rytiniu pamariu
Dreverna Uostadvaris Minge Dreverna
Palangos tiltas
4-6 val. To the sea in the rhythm of holidays
Klaipeda Palanga Klaipeda
2-4 val. Iš Drevernos uostelio link Mirusių kopų
Dreverna Juodkrante Dead Dunes Dreverna
4-6 val. From Dreverna port towards the Dead Dunes
Dreverna Dead Dunes Juodkrante Dreverna
3-6 val. Visiting the boatmen of the Nemunas delta
Nida Minge Uostadvaris Nida
minges kaimas - nemuno delta
8-24 val. Towards Minge via the Horse Horn
Klaipeda Juodkrante Pervalka Uostadvaris Minge Klaipeda
9-11 val. To Nida along the Minija River
Minge Juodkrante Dead Dunes Pervalka Nida Minge
5-6 val. Via Minge towards the Vente Cape following the birds
Nida Minge Vente Cape Nida