Organizing children’s birthday parties is a pleasant chore for their parents. Celebrating your children’s birthday on a boat is a great choice if you are looking for something original and wish to make this occasion a truly memorable one.

A treasure hunt trip on a pirate ship, sailors venturing out into the open sea, ceremonial admission into the captain’s crew, a mermaids’ dance on water or yachting can be exciting themes for older children’s birthday parties on a boat.

You can enjoy your festive moments in an ancient Curonian sailboat, a yacht or a recreational boat cruising along the dunes of the Curonian Lagoon toward the Baltic Sea and the delta of the river Nemunas. During your celebration on water, you and your guests will be able to admire scenic views and to capture this magic and memorable experience with the help of a professional photographer in strikingly picturesque locations.

To cater to your needs, we will help you arrange a programme for your event by seeking out inspiration from ancient Curonian rituals, authentic customs as well as the latest festive trends.

The boats are equipped with all essential amenities and have cosy interiors, bars as well as on-board audio and video equipment. Depending on the event programme, we can offer a special menu tailored to your occasion and waiter service. The choice of options ranges from a simple picnic with fish meals on the shore to a restaurant-worthy feast aboard.