In the cold season, meeting on the deck of the ship!

The drizzly air outside the window increasingly invites you to gather inside. Why not choose a cozy ship deck for your venue? The onboard event is a great idea for those who want to get out of the routine and create new, pleasant emotions for their guests!

Events on board

The ship salon is a great place for your celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, conferences or seminars. The warm interior of the ship, the comfortably laid out tables, the on-board bar – will serve your event well. On board the ships we will take care of your food supply, decoration and additional entertainment:

Guided tours;
Organization of protests;
Event presenter services;
What to do on board?

We invite you to explore Klaipeda region from the water. The popular routes you already love are not long, but it can be a very interesting decision to highlight your event. Top routes for the cold season:

2 hours sailing in Klaipeda port water area.
3 hours sightseeing, pleasant swimming in the Curonian Lagoon.
6 sailing to Juodkrante with 2 hours ashore.
The ship’s deck is well suited for various tastings. Wine and oyster tasting is popular.
Boat Excursions – Our guides will take care of your program.
Spacious ships, such as VENUS (up to 130 persons) or FORELLE (up to 30 persons on the inner deck of the ship), are perfectly suited for sailing through the port of Klaipeda or the Curonian Lagoon. The ships are convenient to provide meals and there is room for a different scenario for your event.

We will invite smaller groups of people to choose smaller, heated boats such as SINATRAXDAY, BRIZO or SEA HORSE. These vessels can accommodate 10 to 15 people in their interior cabin.

Additional services

When organizing an event on board, we will make sure that your celebration is provided with quality food. There is a drinks bar on board – we will discuss in advance your selection of drinks. You can realize your own decorating solutions on board, and if you need help, we work with decorators and event managers to help keep your celebration going and ensure a smooth evening. The ships are equipped with audio, video and conference equipment that will serve your visual needs perfectly.